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Siân Phillips - fiddle

Siân Phillips - fiddle

Jac Tô Bach--Siân Phillips & Danny KilBride

Siân and Danny, two of Wales' leading folk musicians, have decided to start stirring it up,

Both grew up in families with strong musical traditions and both of them have tried the usual paths to glory and got bored with it. They first met as teenagers and have been quietly building a repertoire from the dark corners of Wales' traditional musics


Two Welsh Wizards of the strings, Sian Phillips, fiddle and Danny Kilbride … The combination of fiddle and guitar is like bread and jam and can hardly go wrong. Here in the hands of experts the instruments lift the simplest tunes to heights of delight. … This is a CD that should be in any aspiring fiddle or folk guitar players collection.  

Brian Healey--Traditional Music Maker April 2002


What is particularly striking about Jac To Bach (The Little Jackdaw) is their willingness to take risks, often bold and imaginative risks that push their music in new and unexpected direction … If proof were needed that the Welsh tradition is alive and thriving, these two provide it. And they provide it with considerable flair.

Keith Hudson  -  Taplas April 2002


…. Personally one of the things that I enjoy most is the sound of a good fiddle player, and that certainly describes Phillips, She has been described as "one of Wales' best fiddlers, if not the best", well I've heard quite a few from a variety of places and Id certainly say Phillips is one of the best I've heard, … ... (January 2002)



Sian Phillips - Gramundus

Much-acclaimed album from St.Clears based fiddler Sian. One of the original fiddlers on 'Ffidil', she organises traditional music workshops in Wales. "This album is a vital part of the revival of Welsh traditional music", Taplas, Wales' leading folk magazine.

Fflach (CD 218H)


"This album (Gramundus) is a vital part of the revival of Welsh traditional music", - Taplas


Sian and her accompanists, play a mixture of original and traditional tunes quite beautifully … it's very good to listen to. - Chris Bartram - Living Tradition


"Gramundus" is an exciting Welsh fiddle CD by Sian…  - Dusty Strings



Ffidil - Various

First album of its kind in Wales. Twelve fiddle players from North and South Wales. All Welsh traditional tunes. Fflach (CD 182H)



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