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Siân Phillips - fiddle

Siân Phillips - fiddle

Violin/Fiddle Lessons

"I offer lessons in violin/fiddle to all ages, abilities and levels of understanding. The trick is to get you, the student, to start making bearable sounds and  not noises! This is achieved by first concentrating on a good bow sound from the right hand. After this confidence is achieved, we then move forward to working on the left hand.

"Sometimes this takes days, weeks or months. It's all dependent on how much you, the student, practice and put into the first few weeks/months.

"Everyone has different life schedules, so if you want a lesson weekly, fortnightly or monthly, we can arrange this. Even if you are just visiting the area and want a one-off lesson to try my methods, then this is an option too.


I have just started to give lessons via Skype because there are only so many hours in a day, miles I can travel and many people would like my tuition.


Contact me for more details...

"If you want to do 'grades' or not, that's up to you too. Lessons are Student driven. I can give information on material to help develop technique.


"Please feel free to contact me to discuss what you would like to achieve."